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Cabaran Pertunangan kami part 1

Thursday, January 29, 2009 | | 8 comments
Mom sent me a text message one evening before we went to Terengganu. She said Abah doesn't want Cik Diah to accompany us. But Cik Diah is the best person to accompany us because she lives not far from us and her family is pretty flexible. But I really want her to come along.

Mom said Abah even pissed off when Cik Diah took a peek at the trays for the hantaran when she went to our house. "tak malu itu diah". I don't know what's wrong with that. The hatred is rooted during the day cik diah drove her newly bought perodua kancil. Abah is always so excited when someone brings home a new car. He always wants to try it.

But at that time Cik Diah's car has a bit problem with it's gearbox. So she kinda hesitated when Abah wants to borrow it for a test drive. But she didn't tell the exact reason. She said she wants to fetch her daughter. So Abah went out and came back after a while, but the car remained there. That's when he was so angry...he said cik diah purposely lied to him because she didn't want him to drive his car. And because of this event, the hatred remains deep in his heart.

The same hatred goes to cik diah's husband, Paman Hassan. Abah really hate him because of one reason. He saidh Paman always barging into our house straight into the kitchen and would help himself with the food. Abah said paman eats a lot. The truth is..mom has already asked Paman to help himself with the food.

Abah can not hear anything especially what people said. He could hear a bit before but now both ears are totally disfunctional. He can understand what we said by looking at our lips and our gestures. The bad thing about Abah despite of his loss of hearing, he likes to assume what people said by these gestures and always misunderstood. Worst thing, when we tried to explain the real thing, he wouldn't listen.


Anyway, my other auntie who lives in Kelantan came by to our house for some reason. Cik Bakyah is always my favourite aunty..hehe...She's the one giving me my name. So, she talked to Abah patiently to make him change his decision and bring Cik Diah along with us. After a very tensed and hard time she went through..Abah finally agreed to bring Cik Diah along. Cik Diah had to face Abah and asked for forgiveness of whatever sins she did to Abah.

Gratefully my aunties are such wonderful person. They bear with Abah's attitude. They both worked on decorating my hantaran..I really love them. That's the only reason Cembam got a very nice and decorative hantaran. All because of them.
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26th January 2009 - A kickstart

It's the same date when my sis was born in this timid world
It was the date when the eclipse occurred

And it was the date when I was engaged to my loved one - Najwa Yahaya a.k.a Cembam

I was thinking of starting a new blog where I could carve all my memories, challenges, difficulties and everthing that I would face after this date, after my engagement where it's the stepstone to the live that we've been waiting so looongg.

I bet it's gonna be a boresome stories if I write it in my common blog. Some might even puke after reading 2 lines of it. So I guess it's best for me to write it somewhere else. Pouring everything I feel, I learned and I grasped.

I hope this blog would become something that both Cembam and I can laugh at, smile at, cry at in the future and also the place where we carve our memories in it.
Happy engagement to ourselves. I hope we could endure everything that lies ahead till the day our souls are united Cembam..I love you..(malu nyaaaa)

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