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Raya Shopping with Xiyad

Thursday, August 02, 2012 | | 0 comments

After hearing the news about a pair of husband and wife died in a crash right after they send their first son to the nursery, it broke my heart, it kept me thinking on what if it was me? What will happen to Xiyad. So today I feel like I should pour all my memories with my son, my future children so at least as a reminiscent of my memories with all of you, it will be a place where the stories of us once a parent that live happily with our beloved son. Who knows when it will be our time visited my Izrael right? 

xiyad asytar

Last weekend, we spent our time looking for our baju raya. I was actually against buying a new baju melayu for myself at first, but for the sake of looking sedondon with Xiyad on our first raya we celebrated together, I gave in and buy a new baju melayu for the upcoming raya.

But before going for the hunt, we stopped at Mum's Dream BB Bangi as we saw a tent was setup outside the shop giving us the vibe that there's a sale going on!! Cembam wanted to buy almost everything. We bought a pair of shoes for Xiyad!! I keep on saying that he's not yet walking but ok la, for the sake of having Xiyad looks stunning on Hari Raya, we bought the shoes. We bought pet pet diapers stocks, milk, new pacifiers for the tommy tippee bottles and some new clothes for Xiyad.

The colour is not really being determined. I was wanting a pink one but after browsing through the stalls, I couldn't find any pink tone outfits that match our desire. After a while, my wife decided to buy her baju raya first in one of the boutique there in PKNS Bangi and I was left outside attending Xiyad. 

She went out after around 20minutes with 2 pair of baju kurungs. Hamvoi..Since we couldn't find the right pink, I decided to buy the same colour as one of the baju kurung that have already been bought by  Cembam. At first we tried looking for a nice green outfits, but unfortunately Xiyad's size was not available. 

At first I wanna give up and suggested to just go home after going to the Param, but my wife insisted to finish the outfit hunting that very day so we don't have to do any shopping later on. Okay. After much consideration, I found a nice dark blue baju melayu that really match one of Cembam's baju kurung. And the one for Xiyad is not that different in tone, so we decided to buy them!! Ok!! So this year's theme is dark blue!!
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Morning routine

Monday, July 02, 2012 | | 0 comments
Xiyad memang selalu bangun dlam pukul 6 pg gitu.besanya mak dia la gi msuk blik air dulu.aku guna alasan tgok2kn xiyad smbil tggu turn utk sambung lelap2 ayam ats katil tu. Xiyad mmg dh hyper trus bila bangun..meniarap n cuba nk panjat lepas bantal2 yg kami wat pagar keliling dia. Lagi kita halang lagi galak dia. Oleh sbb kami tgok makin bahaya, skang ni kami terus letak bwh biarkn dia meniarap je kt bawah.

Bila kita bentang sejadah tu,mmg la dia excited. Sudahny sejadah tu utk dia main atas tu. aku smyg atas lantai je. Kalau sblum ni mak dia akan kuar gi skolah dlu,aku susukn n bwk turun lepak depan tv, hampar toto n smbig tido. Xiyad akan tido blik ikut mood dia. Kadang cepat kdg lambat. Tapi mmg akan tido blik..so aku lyn sama lah. Bangun tu mmg bg mkn n mandi. Tu la rutin pagi dia.

Tp keje baru ni xdapek nk luang masa gitu ngn xiyad. Tk lama pas mak dia gi skolah, aku pn kena siap2 anta nursery. Pg ni nk basuhkan berak sblum anta pn xsempat apatah lg bg makan. Sebab aku nk kena masuk kul 8 pg dari sri putra sempadan nilai tu ke KLCC. Haaa..nek keta mmg xsempat la. aku rempit 140 pn ngam2 je smpi.

So pg td aku pesan kt nanny tu bg dia mkn kul 8 mcm tu kalu x kang doa cranky sbb mmg jadual dia cmtu. Plus dia nye berat pn xmemuaskn jd kena jaga makan dia. Xcukup ngn tu aku text msg plak dia n dia kta OK. so harapnya dia amanah la dgn apa yg aku amanahkn tu.

Ni muka pagi2 doa tgh mamai aku snap gmbr ngn flash. Hahahaha
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Seawal fasa meniarap. SkyDiving

Friday, June 29, 2012 | | 2 comments

Xiyad Asytar 

 Waktu Xiyad awal-awal fasa meniarap dulu. Antara aksi yang dia suka buat macam ni lah. Dia angkat kaki dan tangan dia macam orang terjun skydiving haaa...Memang comel je keletah dia. Ada waktu muka tu senyum melebar haa..

Xiyad Asytar

Ada waktu tu pulak bukan main bersungguh ketap bibir dia. Hehehe. Tu nampak. Macam dia sebut "HUP" sebelum angkat kaki dan tangan dia tu. Hehehehehe!!!

Xiyad Asytar 

Hehehe..a smile for the camera...=]
Xiyad Asytar

Heheyyyyy~~~ Apa pandang2 kita haaa???

Xiyad Asytar 

Apa?? Kita kena niarap atas simen plak pasni?

Xiyad Asytar

 Hehehe...skang ni dah memanjat2 dah dia badan orang, bantal apa saje lah. Bagi dia cabaran dia nk niarap n go over it. Rambut dia sampai skang gitu lah. Hehehe. Tapi baju tu masih muat walaupun masa ni Xiyad around 6 months and skang dh 8 months..

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Carrier for your babies

Sunday, January 08, 2012 | | 0 comments
When we were about to spend our holiday at Cameron Highlands last weekend, we thought how to make our mobility in the most convenient way to ensure the day would be more enjoyable and less hassle especially with a small baby tagging along.

So we decided to buy this carrier where you can carry your baby a lot more easier, well provided that the baby will stay calm inside =p. So we bought a unit before we headed towards Cameron. We bought it also because my son was seems to be comfortable the way this carrier will hold him.

we bought one with a 20% discount at one of Manjaku branch

 So we did use it couple of time but the duration oh how long Xiyad could remains calm and silent inside the carrier was not that long. But we still wanna try though. Coz he was not feeling well at the time we used this carrier to him. We hope he could stay longer inside the carrier now. =p

My mom switched to the old traditional of using the batik kain to carry him instead and he could sleep really well too. So maybe next time we will use the carrier this way. Coz the carrier can be used in 4 different ways.

To Mommies and Daddies out there. SUre!! Why not!! Just buy one of the carrier and try it. Who knows your babies like it better and it will ease you so much
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