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Carrier for your babies

Sunday, January 08, 2012 | |
When we were about to spend our holiday at Cameron Highlands last weekend, we thought how to make our mobility in the most convenient way to ensure the day would be more enjoyable and less hassle especially with a small baby tagging along.

So we decided to buy this carrier where you can carry your baby a lot more easier, well provided that the baby will stay calm inside =p. So we bought a unit before we headed towards Cameron. We bought it also because my son was seems to be comfortable the way this carrier will hold him.

we bought one with a 20% discount at one of Manjaku branch

 So we did use it couple of time but the duration oh how long Xiyad could remains calm and silent inside the carrier was not that long. But we still wanna try though. Coz he was not feeling well at the time we used this carrier to him. We hope he could stay longer inside the carrier now. =p

My mom switched to the old traditional of using the batik kain to carry him instead and he could sleep really well too. So maybe next time we will use the carrier this way. Coz the carrier can be used in 4 different ways.

To Mommies and Daddies out there. SUre!! Why not!! Just buy one of the carrier and try it. Who knows your babies like it better and it will ease you so much