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Xiyad's 2nd shoes

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | | 0 comments
Hehe..just another entry to log about my dearest son - xiyad asytar's growth..😊. 

These are xiyad's 2nd shoes. I bought them at Kuala Terengganu's Giant hypermarket. It was worn occassionally at first while his first shoes were the preferred one to be used till it got so won out and xiyad's feet grown larger and longer.

The only thing i would keep in my mind when xiyad is wearing them is to be super cautious when we took the escalator. Those croc-design holes would caught by the edge of the eacalators easily and it would mean disaster!! Furthermore, all those incidents where toddlers foot stucked at the escalators were caused by these croc-style shoes.

Xiyad pulled out one of the 'eye' not long time ago. Till now, these shoes are still being used while waiting his feet becomes larger to fit nicely inside his 3rd footwears - a blue sandals. Heehehe

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Xiyad's first shoes

Monday, May 20, 2013 | | 1 comments
This is xiyad'a first shoes. I bought it for him after cembam asking me so many times.hahaha. It was because xiyad was not even standing yet at that time. But in the end i bought to match his baju melayu during hari raya.

After he finally able to walk, he used the shoes everytime we went out. Sampai lunyai kasut tu. But he didn't really walk that much during that stage. His second shoes was a pair of croc-a-like shoes, with a bug design which is now being used casually.

Xiyad has another 2 pair of shoes. A brown decent one which we put it on him if we were going for a trip etc. And another one with a sandal design which I bought 1 size bigger to be used after the brown one wears out.
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Xiyad Asytar - the first step that leads to bigger steps

Friday, March 08, 2013 | | 0 comments
Been a while since the last time I posted here. Recently I realized that I should update more on this blog of whatever happening in my family. It would be a nice journal if one day our children grew up and started to read this blog. Who knows it would be a place where they could get hold of their grounds back whenever bad things happened to them, a place where they could remember who they are/were whenever they felt drifted away...

So, I will try my best to update this blog regularly.

Now we start with How Xiyad is now able to walk on his own. Yeayy~~~ He has been standing and moving here and there by holding the sofa or anything he could hold on. But his very first step and I was so lucky to be able to witness it was when we were at Cembam's parents house in Ganu. Xiyad walked 1 step, and that's it!! HAHAHA

Xiyad's Grin 

So his first step was on January 27th!! Yeayy!! This was a picture taken at Tok's house by the beach. I let him stood on the sandy beach while the great white wave was gushing towards us and Xiyad was half amazed and half scared. Hehehehe

On February 5th, Xiyad started to make attempts of walking few more steps. 5 steps to be exact from Sofa A to sofa B in the living room. I was taking a rest from my tennis game when Cembam texted me to inform me about it. Cembam's text was;

Xiyad jalan lebey dr 5 langkah dh td..tp cam ketam gak memula..haha

It was a moment you would only know how it feels when you are in the situation. To just read about how your son manage to do things -> priceless. So he walks and walks and the best part of his walking stage, even he started late...but once he started to walk, he was so seldom falling on his feet. Maybe because he was actually fully ready when he decided to walk. And just after 2 weeks, his hands were no longer like kungfu guy to balance his body. He could carry a ball while walking..

Ahh~~ we gonna miss his crawling. But he still crawls every now and then as he wished though. =]

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