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Xiyad's 2nd shoes

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 | |
Hehe..just another entry to log about my dearest son - xiyad asytar's growth..😊. 

These are xiyad's 2nd shoes. I bought them at Kuala Terengganu's Giant hypermarket. It was worn occassionally at first while his first shoes were the preferred one to be used till it got so won out and xiyad's feet grown larger and longer.

The only thing i would keep in my mind when xiyad is wearing them is to be super cautious when we took the escalator. Those croc-design holes would caught by the edge of the eacalators easily and it would mean disaster!! Furthermore, all those incidents where toddlers foot stucked at the escalators were caused by these croc-style shoes.

Xiyad pulled out one of the 'eye' not long time ago. Till now, these shoes are still being used while waiting his feet becomes larger to fit nicely inside his 3rd footwears - a blue sandals. Heehehe