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Xiyad's first shoes

Monday, May 20, 2013 | |
This is xiyad'a first shoes. I bought it for him after cembam asking me so many times.hahaha. It was because xiyad was not even standing yet at that time. But in the end i bought to match his baju melayu during hari raya.

After he finally able to walk, he used the shoes everytime we went out. Sampai lunyai kasut tu. But he didn't really walk that much during that stage. His second shoes was a pair of croc-a-like shoes, with a bug design which is now being used casually.

Xiyad has another 2 pair of shoes. A brown decent one which we put it on him if we were going for a trip etc. And another one with a sandal design which I bought 1 size bigger to be used after the brown one wears out.


Anonymous said...

budak ni cepat besar...saiz kojap jo dah tambah...