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080809 - The Memories

Monday, August 31, 2009 | | 7 comments
Hari sabtu, 8 haribulan - mlm sebelum tu aku bermalam di Muara resort Pantai Balok Kuantan. Citer yg aku terasa lain mcm masa dapat bilik ujung tu. Aku dpt tukar bilik. N aku dpt tido ngan lena. Pagi tu Cembam smpi resort tu, so kami gunakan la voucer utk 2 org sarapan kat resort tu. Makan nasi goreng. sementara tggu Cembam aku ada amek gambar aku sorg2..saja berlatih.

Kira ala2 model FHM la ye dak...ekeke..then aku bertolak ke Kemaman. Cembam ada kelas pagi tu. Kami terus ke umah cembam. Cembam gi kelas, aku tido kat umah dia. Bila dia balik n habis kelas kami kuar makan tengahari. Tak tau nk kemana, terus try jenguk zoo kuantan. Cembam kata tak best..tp drpd tk buat pape kan..lgpun tiket tgh promosi 5 hinggit je. Aku sempat bli rambutan n bawak msuk.

Jalan2 dlm tu mmg cari port utk bergambar pre-wedding kunun2 tu..tp mmg redup n gelap. Nk amek gambar binatang pn payah. Last2 jupe jmbtn gantung...kosong je..so aku decide amek gambar kami kat situ lah..ehehehehe

Cembam kelihatannya dh mula biasa bila aku tujukan lense pada dia..senyuman dia pn semakin rileks dan santai..Hehehe..ada la org lain lalu lalang..tp bila tgok tripod aku setup tu..takde la diorg syak lain2..aku kelihatan profesional masa tu...

Apa pun..aku masih perlu berlatih utk memberi snyuman yg manis time kawin nnt...huhuhu...kena berlatih senyum yg tak menampakkan sangat kesimpangsiuran gigi2 aku...huhuhu..

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Movies we watched - First movie after we declared

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | | 0 comments
We declared on 7th July 2006 after we have deeply think about it. We have known each other for months and I asked Cembam if we could start being a couple. Of course I've already know she would say yes..ahahha. Jangan mare Cembam..It's just one of my capability.

The relationship is declared just via email. No fancy candle light dinner or sort. Just a simple email and when Cembam said Yes, I still remember I replied him "Yeaaa...aku ada awek...". Ahahaha!!

Like usual, we had our first real date 2 days after that at KLCC. We didn't really plan anything special. We wandered around KLCC, to the park and ended up in the queue to buy Superman Returns movie ticket. I still remember we browsed books in Borders and bumped into our lecturer when we did our english training at Internexia, Mrs Susan.

We had a wonderful day as always.
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Movies we watched - before we are a couple

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | | 2 comments
Just finished my tasks for today. Waiting for the other party to do their part in order to rectify all the issues. Hmm hmm..feeling itchy and feeling so boring. I decided to write down about movies that I've watched with Cembam.

When we were still trying to figure out whether we were meant to be together, whether we fit with each other, we hang out couple of times which mostly at the malls in KL. Mid Valley, KLCC and ETC. But mostly in KLCC because Cembam was staying at Wangsa Maju and KLCC is the best place along the stations.

The first movie we watched was My Girl and I and it was our first date. No specific reason. We didn't even intend to lighten up the romantic mood or what so ever (I dunno if Cembam has that intention..=p). But because we both like to watch Korean film and we both love the heroine. So we decided to watch it. A nice movie though.

Then we watched Tiger and the snow for our 2nd movie but I forgot whether it was during our 2nd date or what. But it's on 18th April 2006. It was chosen by Cembam. It's a spanish I think..but definitely not an english movie. A romantic movie but it turned out to be still nice to be watched.

Before we declared ourselves as a couple, we dated for few times and we always ended up watching movie because Cembam was so silent that time. I shared a lot about me but she just listened. I had to ask her to share some specific stories in order for her to talk about it..hehehe..So Cembam

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070809 - The memories

Saturday, August 15, 2009 | | 0 comments
I didn't sleep again after my prayer this morning. Have set my mind the night before that I would upload more pictures while watching Federer playing. Managed to upload the 2nd batch of 070809 pictures. Ekeke..But I uploaded them in the office. The so called no.1 broadband is as sucks as a odourless shit!! Fuck you celcom broadband!! Ahahaha!! Cursing in Friday..niceee...

Ok, back to the main course. After I checked out from Black Stone Resort, we went to Pantai Balok hoping for a better view of the beach. But the beach was so empty. No one was taking a dip. It was Friday and there were just few cars parked near the beach. I wanted to stay in the car, opened up the window and laid back on my seat enjoying the wind. But I was afraid we would end up kena cekup coz the beach was so empty.

So, I spotted a playground nearby and suggested to Cembam to have our 'pre-wedding' shot. Ehehe. We want to practice more on our smiles and our pose. Ekekeke. So, I brought out the tripod and getting prepared with some poses in my head. So these are some of our pictures. It was fun and Cembam was sporting enough to obey all the instructions.

Sayang gambar ni cantik..tp mata Cembam tertutup sebab panas. HUh!!

Aku kelihatan kurus kat gambar ni. Cam faizal hussein pn ada...ptut masy ada simpan perasaan kat aku..ahahaha!!! NI sume sbb berjimat nk kumpul duit kawen la ni

A very natural smile or rather, chuckle from Cembam. Kucin tu elok je berteduh bawah punggung Cembam..bawah bayang..ahaha

Yeah..hidup penuh keriangan..ekeke

Pose skema sbb Cembam mmg skema..aku kena folo..ahaha

Rasa kacak lak aku kt blkg tu

Antara pose terakhir..ehehe

Hope you guys would like them. Happy Friday!!

Gambar first tu aku ckap kat Cembam, "ko tgok ko senyum..sebijik mcm mak kau..baik aku date ngan mak kau je..ahahaha..sila senyum lebih manis

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