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070809 - The memories

Saturday, August 15, 2009 | |
I didn't sleep again after my prayer this morning. Have set my mind the night before that I would upload more pictures while watching Federer playing. Managed to upload the 2nd batch of 070809 pictures. Ekeke..But I uploaded them in the office. The so called no.1 broadband is as sucks as a odourless shit!! Fuck you celcom broadband!! Ahahaha!! Cursing in Friday..niceee...

Ok, back to the main course. After I checked out from Black Stone Resort, we went to Pantai Balok hoping for a better view of the beach. But the beach was so empty. No one was taking a dip. It was Friday and there were just few cars parked near the beach. I wanted to stay in the car, opened up the window and laid back on my seat enjoying the wind. But I was afraid we would end up kena cekup coz the beach was so empty.

So, I spotted a playground nearby and suggested to Cembam to have our 'pre-wedding' shot. Ehehe. We want to practice more on our smiles and our pose. Ekekeke. So, I brought out the tripod and getting prepared with some poses in my head. So these are some of our pictures. It was fun and Cembam was sporting enough to obey all the instructions.

Sayang gambar ni cantik..tp mata Cembam tertutup sebab panas. HUh!!

Aku kelihatan kurus kat gambar ni. Cam faizal hussein pn ada...ptut masy ada simpan perasaan kat aku..ahahaha!!! NI sume sbb berjimat nk kumpul duit kawen la ni

A very natural smile or rather, chuckle from Cembam. Kucin tu elok je berteduh bawah punggung Cembam..bawah bayang..ahaha

Yeah..hidup penuh keriangan..ekeke

Pose skema sbb Cembam mmg skema..aku kena folo..ahaha

Rasa kacak lak aku kt blkg tu

Antara pose terakhir..ehehe

Hope you guys would like them. Happy Friday!!

Gambar first tu aku ckap kat Cembam, "ko tgok ko senyum..sebijik mcm mak kau..baik aku date ngan mak kau je..ahahaha..sila senyum lebih manis