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A progress..a nice one

Friday, June 10, 2011 | |
Last time I went to visit my parents, I don't have to ask Nyai to help my mom, stay at the kitchen and lend a hand doing anything during the cooking time or whatsoever. I purposely got into the living room leaving her behind and she was assisting my mom and my sister to prepare the meal.

Well, I don't really ask her or want her to cook for us. Mom has already got her hands on the frying pan and I just hope she stays there and help her out. Build the chemistry and everything. But this time, she took my advice and my concern. I feel so great about it =].

A minute later she came to me with her bleeding finger "alaa..tolong kupas mangga. Tak reti sangat, berdarah dah tangan". Alalaala kesian. So I finished it for her. 

Alhamdulillah I hope it's a start on the coping, the adapting, the consulting and everything that I've put in a text message and sent it to her once. I don't wanna talk about this in front of her coz I'm so afraid if somehow I got berserk and went into rage. So, we talked via the text message and for me, it's a nice way though. When you got home, just don't think about the message anymore. Pretend it never happened. Live the day like normal..gurau apa sume.

Oh the hot drink pn improved a bit. At least if I reached home and the water was not boiled yet, during me taking my time praying, she would boil the water and the moment I sat down on the sofa, she would ask "air apa?". 

=]     =]     =]     =]     =]     =]

Suka. So happy how she alerts about it now. Sometimes she would say "semayang dulu la nanti org buatkan air". Then it's acceptable. 

Happy =]

Hoping for a better and much better things out of our marriage and of ourselves. Wanna groom the social skill when it comes to my friends pulak. Slowly, but I really hope of a progress. Hoping this upcoming Penang jalan-jalan with my friends gonna be a nice time for both of us =]