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34 weeks!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | |
Cembam is now entering her 34th weeks of pregnancy. We have bought some pairs of newborn baby outfits. I think less than 10 pieces. Lots of advices from my friends saying that we don't really need the newborn outfits that many because at most they are just gonna be usable for 3 weeks before it 'shrink' out.

Well, if you ask me..I would just wanna borrow some from my sisters. But hey, they said "anak pertama ni beli la buat pakai adik2 dia gak nanti. Kedek no". Hmm..so I did buy some.

So far, what we've bought for Baby Asytar are his wardrobe, bath tub, clothes, napkins and milk bottle, a gift from my boss. And we have just paid 3% deposit for our first house payment last week!!! We had to withdraw all of our savings and we now only have 6K left for the hospital bill and etc.

Ya..I know. Expecting baby and at the same time buying a house. Both are money spending items =p but there's a saying that rezeki and opportunities mostly come when we are not ready and we really need to carefully think and calmly grab them!! That's what we are doing and we really hope our decision is the best one and we would smile with joy in the end.

Lots of thinking and we have been asking around about the processes involve, the legal fees, the procedure to withdraw tabung 2 of our kwsp and lots more. Just now I asked for the market price of that housing area and it seems the price given to us is the maximum market price right now. So, probably we can't push the loan to cover as much as we could like some cases do.


We tried our best to give the best for our baby. I always hope that baby kami ni tak akan menurun perangai-perangai tak elok mama and papa dia. He's supposed to be white pure from anything and it's not fair kalau dia berperangai buruk sebab perangai kami buruk. Huwaaa..takutnya.