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Update on us..3months 2weeks and 2 days after marriage

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | |

Finished with all the work-related issues that need to be attended. The sky seems clear and a nice sign for a nice tennis session. But the rain is yet to come..who knows.

It's already more than 3 months...well actually some pessimistic would say it has just been 3 months after the vow. Hee..We still live separately. The first transfer request has been turned down just like that. They don't need extra english teacher here in Klang valley area. Shoot.

Well, during the last school holidays, we have had our honeymoon. 2 simpla places. Redang and Cameron Highlands yet we enjoyed ourselves to the max. Oh,here is the story of the Redang version if anyone would be interested to read;

Honeymoon - Redang Island

Redang Part I
Redang Part II - Snorkeling
Redang Finale

And I'm in the middle of composing and finishing our Cameron Highland Honeymoon entries. Gonna be updated here later in the next entry. We had a blast and we pray for the longevity of our marriage filled with happiness. Amiiinnn~~~