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Memorable text message

Monday, May 18, 2009 | |
6th Nov 06 - Act aku pn tgu ko ajak dlu..aku xtau cmne nk ajak ko..lain kali aku ngalah k..xwat lg.

A message I received from Najwa around 2 years ago. It's not long after our official relationship begun. I'm the kind who believes in 'gives and takes'. A fair compassion towards others. And the same goes to 'asking out'.

I've already asked her out couple of times before. And during that particular date, I was hoping that she could be the one asking me out. I know that for you it doesn't bring any difference. BUt for me, yes.

I feel a sense of being wanted when she asks me out. Being loved and missed. Hehehe.. Sometimes, guys also wanted to be pampered like the girls and I'm not asking the bizarre one ain't I? That day, I've already given all the hints I could give to her that I wanted her to ask me out. But she's so slowwwww.

At the end of the day I sent her sms saying that I was hoping that she would ask me out. That's when she texted me that SMS. =]. Hee..memorable SMS for me. It's a beginning of a great gives n takes..=]


~Cinta Cukulet~ said...

main tarik tali ke..hehehee

HEMY said...

kiki..lebih kurang la..heheh

Anonymous said...

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