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Uuuu..long distance relationship sure is challenging

Saturday, May 23, 2009 | |

Latest picture of Cembam taken during her visit to ceebrate my birthday last March. Taken after we watched Geng movie at Alamanda. I cooked for her that day...ehehehe..I know, I'm such a romantic guy..ekekeke

We kinda afraid that our wedding pictures would not going to be as nice as we expect. Both of us are not photogenic face type. We could hardly give a killer smile. We both sucks at smiling..ekekeke..We are just going to bear with it and try our best to smile as gorgeous as possible during our big day.

It's kinda boring during the weekend for this kind of long distance relationship and I am so used to having a great time with my girlfriend anytime I wanted to. But now, we need to have our own plan to make ourself entertained every weekend. But the best part of it, I could play a lot in the weekend without having to worry about my GF who might sulk because I spend time playing sports with my friends rather than dating with her..ehehee