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Cembam's family tour

Monday, June 08, 2009 | |
Texting Cembam while watching Final French Open Tennis Championship Final between Federer and Schodeli. Well, Federer won the title. An enormous support on his back from the fans, and the spectators. Majority of them in the stadium were supporting him. What a pressure to have an opponent like Federer.

Cembam sent me MMS of pictures take from her mobile phone when she visited Taman Tamadun Islam with her family. She said she didn't manage to fully vistit the place. maybe next time I could go with her. Hehehe

Here are the pics sent by her;

Cembam is wearing that kind of veil for the first time...Hmm wonder if it really suits her face..hehehe


kueh bakar said...

federerrr menang!!! bila mau main futsal laaaaa

joegrimjow said...

federrar menang

HEMY said...

kueh bakar : futsal is not reallu my cup of tea

Joe ; ekekeke...tak besh ah..tak fight pn final