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Monday, November 09, 2009 | |
Hantaran, from my own definition is something related to malay custom or is it?? Because most of current malay wedding custom is actually comes from Hindu's custom. They have dowry and those gifts on the silver plates. So, honestly if you ask me, I'm not sure how 'hantaran' comes into our wedding's picture, but we just follow the flow aren't we?

For a guy, well I do think I speak for millions of guys out there, the 'hantaran' is not a crucial part of our wedding or our big day. We don't really give a damn if suddenly 'hantaran' is not anymore part of the malay wedding custom. Maybe we would gleefully accept it!! But as this hazardous change is totally impossible, now we gonna speak how 'hantaran' fits in our life, men that were about to marry his loved ones.

We might want to buy expensive things or on cotrary as frugal as we could. For me, personally 'Hantaran' is something that I need. It might be something that I've been carving for so long, or simply something that I need to use. Do you wanna know what's inside my head right now for my Hantaran? Here is the list ;

1) Sport shoe - one that can be worn for my sepak takraw and leisure.
2) Tennis shoe - coz the one I've been using slowly worn out
3) Sandal - My adidas sandal has been living his full life with me for the past 3++ years
4) Helmet - Since I ride my new FZ150, I don't really have a decent helmet for the fast wind when I ride my bike fast
5) raincoat - Hahaha..the one I have now is not really water resistant anymore. Why not put it inside the list?? Plus it's rainy season now.
6) External Hard disk (preferably 1TB and above) - well, have been wanting to buy one of these as my pictures are getting more and more and consuming my 40GB hdisk of my company laptop. For the time being, I'm using the courtesy of my housemate to store my digital data inside his. Huhu..
7) Jeans - I bought my new one only twice. The first jeans when I was 17 and another one 4years ago from the uptown Danau Kota when I was a streamyx call center personnel. Other than that, I think I bought a bundle one that costs Rm10, I thinkI've bought 2 of them.
8) A cap maybe. I never have a decent cap. I want one so bad now as I'm playing tennis now. Hehehe.
9) Sweater/wind breaker - so want the 3lines adidas one. I bought mine, cheetah when I was in my first year in UPM. That's 8 years ago. Red one and I've been using it since now. I've also bought around 5 more bundle. 1 was torned out because of an accident. The rest have been used every now and then.

Hmm..see. So far these are my 'hantaran'. As we have discussed to have 7 - 9 for our hantaran. Hehehe..But I think the helmet and the raincoat need to be omitted. They can be replaced with sweets and chocolates..Hehehe..

Fancy things like perfume, watch, I don't really need them. I always forget to spray some perfume when I went out. I've been blessed with odourless body thanks to Allah. So, a roll of my deodorant to prevent sweaty armpit should make my day with ease.

Hmm..how much would the list costs???