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Shopping for wedding gifts with My Cembam

Friday, December 11, 2009 | |
Huhu...Just get back from a serious once and ever shopping spree with my fiancee Cembam!! Y.E .S!!! Yeahhh..It's like the only day I am able to know how's the feeling of those ladies, those shopaholics and those wives who gets the privilege to just swipe their husband's credit card without any worries or hesitation. OMG!! It's terrifying OK!!!

I was able to PickNSwipe the whole day because I've set my mind that it would be the only day to do it and it wont happen again in the future. I use my credit card to buy all of our stuffs because I thought I might get some rebate by using it. Not much I think but better than nothing right??

Right after we finished our shopping for the day, we went to the nearest deposit machine and 'paid' the amount of the usage for the day by cash. You need discipline when it comes to credit card usage. If not, you would never realized the moment you were plunged into a pile of debt and misery. Ah, forgot to let you know that the shopping was intended for our wedding gifts. Ahhh~~ It's nice to have the experience to shop freely. Cembam said my face was soo sparkling..everytime I get to buy my stuffs. Ekekekeke!!! Well, being a very thrifty person like me whom would always ended up not dining in secret recipe and just went to Nasi campur stall to not waste unnecessary money for unnecessary things..I was surely enjoying the day..Heee!!!

Dont know why my face wasn't that sparkling..maybe because I'm not the type that would shop like this??ekekeke

heee..Cembam was so happyy

I can't googled the pics of Cembam's stuff. But I managed to googled mine. We have agreed with 9 balas 7 (means the girl would give 9 gifts and the guy would give 7 gifts to themselves). Here are my 9 dulang (9 kind of gifts that would be usually put on a tray as a malay custom).

Huwaa..can't wait to wear this one as the one I'm using now has reached it's 3rd years being under my feet..hehehe

Tennis shoes. But with yellow stripe. I dont think it's the same model. But it looks almost the same. The one I'm using right now has starting to worn out mostly on the sole

For my takraw or leisure shoes..I lied..takraw shoes as I always prefer sandal for leisure. Except mine is grey one. Dont wanna buy white one anymore. Senang kotor.

The last and only new jacket or sweater that I bought was my red Cheetah sweater when I was 18 year-old during my college day. I know you wont believe and yes it still looks like new. I'm a very careful user..=]. The rest was bought from bunde that were less than Rm10. So this nike jacket surely makes me warrmmmm

My first cap!!! I only got mine now from a friend. Huhu..But the one we bought is with a red stripe. Cembam chose it for me.

My adidas t-shirt. It goes with the same tray as the cap. Means the cap n this shirt is considered one gift. The last time I bought a t-shirt was during the last Hari Raya Puasa

My first gift we bought. 1.5TB external harddisk for my pictures...yeahhh!!!

My 2nd new jeans!!! The first one was bought when I was 18 as well!!!! Uhuhuhuuu..

There's another 2 tray of gift that would be a ring and a sunglass. It would be completed tomorrow. Yeahhh!!! Going to Nilai tomorrow to buy some of the wedding stuffs. Huhuhu!! Oh Allah please bless our marriage and please don't try us with your test and obstacle. Amiiinnn..


Anonymous said...

baru tau kew payah g soping ngn pompuan??


HEMY said...

tau lama dah..ahahaha