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Which part needs to be changed? And will it do better?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 | |
Been a while since my last post here =]. I write a lot at my main blog anyway.

It's almost midnight and I'm watching a korean movie "Once Upon a Time in High-school".

Marriage life is somewhat doing the routine things and making sure you won't get bored to see each other for another years ahead. Being how you were during your couple-stage seems to be a determining factor on how you would continue your love life once married.

But in a way, I sometimes realized that there are things that you always do during couple-stage that you can't actually do it as you wish anymore. The thing is, it is or was once something that just explains simply on who you are.

Sometimes you would be questioned why you are doing what you did when you have been doing it all this while and it's just who you are. Now the question is, do you need to change? Or has he/she change? Is a change really needed? Will the change bring goodness to the relationship? It's a subjective thing that requires a lot of thinking and reasonable act huh?

Ahh..suddenly I don't wanna continue..pfftt///