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The small shrieking baby

Saturday, October 29, 2011 | |
Today was the first time I handled Xiyad for his 2nd bathing time. Yesterday my MIL was the one doing it while I was away to bury Xiyad's Uri. Xiyad was shrieking and crying the whole bathing process. Cembam was assisting me. It's like knowledge transfer process to her as well. Cembam cannot handle the cry. She feels so pity to him. So I had to expedite the process.

Then we put on him his napkin after we applied Drapolene gel to avoid rashes, jenzen oil on his tummy and foot, tied the 'barut' wrapping his abdomen and put on the outfit that Kak Wa gave us as present. Hmm..he stopped his cry when I finished his nappy. I think he starting to feel comfy along the process. Right after we finished with him, he managed to take a long nap until now =].

Hehehe. It's a fun first time experience but we will make sure to do it more efficiently to save the time and the shivering..ekekekeke.

Xiyad Asytar

We also realized that Xiyad Asytar is very sensitive to his surrounding when he's sleeping. Every 'bizarre' movement or especially loud noise would make him twitch and depends on the given condition, he would start crying asking for milk or he would shrieked for a while before we pat him back to his slumber.

When my in-laws left the house this morning, Xiyad seems to be sleeping like a rock, in most serene state we've ever seen. He loves the the peaceful and quite space.

Up till now, I wanna thanks Ayman, Najib, Nora, Zuhri, Marlena, Zaffar, Butat and his family for paying us a visit. Really appreciate it guys=].