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Being a father for the first week

Saturday, October 29, 2011 | |
It's the beginning of the 3rd day for Xiyad, trying to open his senses to his surrounding, opening his sepet eyes every now and then trying to grasp what is actually happening around him. Those touches that sometimes feel so cold, so warm, so itchy and those fragrances which keep on changing, those sounds which sometimes so loud, so high pitch and those warm presence that makes him calm. Everytime I look at him, I keep on wondering how could some other humans heartlessly killed them, sliced them and dumped them into the ditch..=[

Oh..suddenly Xiyas was crying, shrieking out of the blue. That was his first time doing it. Maybe its a start of a normal routine for a baby to cry during the night. But for the past 2 days, Xiyad is being so nice. He didn't cry at night. We had to woke him up afraid if he was thirsty so Cembam could breastfeed him.

He will usually take 20-30 minutes each side of Cembam's breast to feed. Usually we would just let him have one side each time coz it will take more than 1 hour for both sides..kekeke. Alhamdulillah even during the first day we were worried as it seemed that Cembam didn't have her body milk yet but somehow the 2nd day showed an improvement when those 2 life-bonded precious ones managed to 'get along'.

I am better in nursing Xiyad because of my experience handling my younger sisters and brother when I was a kid. Cembam was a bit struggling at first but her motherly instinct has been guiding her pretty well and she seems to be handling Xiyad even better now =].

I love giving attention to kids and babies. Now I have my own baby, its much much nicer!!! I would kiss him every now and then, play with him, bedung, applying the oil and rubbing his belly hoping tak masuk angin, change his diapers and those other things you do to babies. Then I attended to Cembam. Put on and off her stockings is a daily compulsory task for me.

I would also massage her legs, making her a cup of hot Milo, washing her dishes and lots more plus the house chores too. Ekekkee. I've already told you that I can do all those things. Its just that I preger to let Cembam do it everyday as part of her being a wife coz its better that way =].

Some of my friends, best friends have already visited me. At the hospital and also at home. They contributed some money as our kind gesture towards other and I've just used them to buy a proper latex mattress for Xiyad. One that he could even breath on while his face is fully into it. I was so wanted to buy one, but I could use the amount for something else. But since Xiyad has some money given by others, I just spend it for the best of him=].

Well, I want to say thanks again to all the prayers of you guys and to;

1. Dr. Fazlina as the appointed doctor
2. Dr. Hasmaliza, pakar bius who did the epidural shot for Cembam
3. Nurse Herma for her kind patience on attending to Cembam - the one managed to check Cembam's door at first after 6 attempts
4. Dr. Fadzilah
5. Nurse Robishah

and all other nurses. We managed to have 2 shifts of nurses attending us due to our 8 hours labor room time. We really appreciate your help and support along the time we were inside there =]. Thanks