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Monday, February 23, 2009 | |
My birthday is approaching. It's not really specially celebrated every year though. It would only be meaningful if I have a GF. Who else would celebrate it for you??ehehehe!! Last year, I got a bag from Cembam for my birthday and a 4GB pendrive. However the pendrive has been lost. My friend lost it. Damn!! Sorry Cembam. I really appreciate everything you gave me =[.

I asked Cembam the other day to give me a nike or adidas shoe for my upcoming birthday..ahaha!! I want it to play sepak takraw of course. I have one pair for leisure purpose. The week of my birthday falls on school holiday. Really hope Cembam could come here to spend a day at least with me.

The other night Cembam asked if she couldn't come during the week, how could we buy my shoe together. Then I jokingly said I'd buy myself and then give her the receipt to claim the money from her..ehehe!!. But Cembam is OK with the idea.."not more than RM200", she said..Yeaayyy!!!! Cembam is so cool!!!ahahaha!!!

Even after we engaged, I rarely call her cellphone. We prefer text message. We know there's nothing much to talk in the phone. But Cembam understand my way. She rings me every morning to wake me up for my subuh prayer like usual. So, everyday I can hear her voice.

So far, our engagement has nothing interfere. Oh, except there's one time my Ex when I was in UPM texted me saying congrats for my engagement that she knew from my blog. I told Cembam about it. There's a bit fuss made by Cembam...but in the end we get into an understanding..hehe