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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 | |
It's almost a month after my engagement to Cembam..huh?? Not even a month yet? This is the first time I think the time passed a bit slower than usual..hehe. So far nothing bizarre had happened. Maybe because of the distance, no time to quarrel or no reason to sulk..ekeke.

Hmm..but 2 nights before, we had some text conversation.

I went to my EX GF (I'm not sure the term is fit for those years or not =p)'s engagement day. She's already booked me weeks before the event. I wasn't feeling really well that day, but still in a good condition to go for the job.

Ok, skip the detail part of it as I've already wrote about it in my other blog. So. that night Cembam texted me with a testing intention message.

"Didn't U feel anything (referring to Iza's engagement)"
"Feel?? Maybe a bit sad if we weren't engaged yet. But we've already engaged..so, nothing"
"Eleh..is that so?"

Hahaha..a word of war declaration. So want to test me la Cembam. I replied something then she replied, "Ohh..I didn't have the mood to ask anymore. U didn't seem interested to answer it". Ekekeke..Reading that, I reverse-phsyco her.

"Try be in my shoe. I asked you whether u felt anything looking at your X engaged. Then U say no..and I just replied..eleh..yeke..How would you react?"
"I don't understand"

Ciihh..act like she didn't understand..kiki. So far that's the only issue during our engagement. The rest of the days seems to be fine and calm. Eventhough we are engaged now, I'm still the old me..I think I never call her just to say Hi or say how much I miss her. I'm not that kind of guy and so far Cembam is OK with that.