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A month married~~

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | |
This morning Cembam texted me. I read it when I just woke up from my sleep;

"Arini dah genap sebulan kawen la...heee..bahagia tak kawen dengan aku?"

Aku yg sedang mamai, punched the number and replied to her;

"wah..sebulan baru. Haha..emmm bahagia tak ek..emmm..gosok gigi dulu la..ahaha"

Ekekeke..sometimes, some questions are best to be left unanswered. Ekekeke. Hmm..a month has passed. So far, the marriage life is not fully experienced yet as we are still living under the separate roofs. But the challenge to fulfill my wife request visiting her every weeks seems to be needing a lot of effort, financially and timely as well. The difference weekend adding up the icing on it.

Us, while waiting for the mak andam to finish make-up my sister before it's Cembam's turn.

Far the past one month, Cembam managed to adhere to my simple request. Kissing my cheek everytime I felt I need one, packing up my stuff when we were about to leave the house. But sometimes I'm the one packing up her things though..hmm.thumbs up for me~~, making me drinks everytime I feel thirsty and lots more. I felt so having a wife. Hehehe.

But there are also several things she still need to adapt. She always forget to shake and kiss my hand. When I was opening the door for her after her school ended and when I fetched her from the LRT station in the car. Usually I would said something sarcastically like;

"Dah la balik sekolah tak salam Laling, tanya benda bukan-bukan terus"

Hehehe..I bet she will get used to it slowly. Anyway, it's a nice thing to have your soul completed. I always hope and pray that no one would ever stand between us and shakes our marriage. We want to be happy, romantic and full of love all the times. Amiinnnn~~~


zella y said...

alalallalala... bestnyer korang ni.. ni yg wat aku xsabar nak kawen ni hahahhaha....

semoga bahagia erk... ;)

HEMY said...

kawin kalau sudah smpi seru mu zella~~~

ElyaElmo said...

best nye kawen..tak sabar nakk awen..ha3!!!~

HEMY said...

mmg best..kawin le cepat yeeee

rabiatul adawiyah said...

banyak nyer blog..

tunbegia said...

sungguh seronok kawen kanns,


aim-a said...

so sweeetttttttt!!happy always ya :D alah..kl-ghanu dekat je..kemaman je pown :D

Mohd Shahrul Hafizi said...

Ko guna kau aku ke dgn dia?