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Weekend wihout wife

Sunday, April 25, 2010 | |
Huu~~ I'm almost at my end of salary. Another week to go before April's paycheck. Due to that, the trip to visit my wife for this weekend is a No for me. That makes it Cembam's turn to come and visit me. But, she has an event to be attended at her school. So, it ended up into a conclusion that we are not gonna be spending this weekend together.


A challenge that needs to be faced by a long-distance couple especially with a difference weekend days. Usually when I paid Cembam a visit, the Sunday would be spent alone inside her room. If her housemate was not home, that I could lazing around in the living room and cooked the rice while waiting for Cembam finished her school.

Then we would have lunch together, pray together and lazing around watching Astro or having our siesta while waiting the time I need to hop on the bus and heading KL. So missing her


Anonymous said...


Bro Framestone said...

sekali-sekala kne gak merasa membujang semula...

bukan membujang terus ek..

BroFramestone Blog

HEMY said...

betul tu framestone..org inggeris kata "give me space"

Anonymous said...

ble nk update ?

Mohd Shahrul Hafizi said...

Wife keje katne Hemy?