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New DSLR vs new family

Sunday, May 02, 2010 | |
This weekend, it's my wife's turn to come and visit me. Plus, we spent the weekend with my parents. My sis and her hubby were at home as well. Apart of the slight interruption on the bus schedule, my wife arrived at Bukit Jalil station around 9.15 P.M. Fetched her up and had our dinner at Soho Bangi as she needed to deliver something to her sister.

We spent the night at my sis' house and went home the next morning. I admit that I looked a bit gloomy every now and then along the journey in the car. Everytime I remembered about my stolen DSLR, I was like so sad reminiscing all the pictures I've taken with it at so many places. We did discuss how I could own a new one in the future in the given financial situation. The bonus seems to be the only option. But it's not that much.

We are planning to have our honeymoon at Redang Island from 13-15 June. The black pitch sorrow sucked me in when I tried to imagine how suck would it be spending your honeymoon without the camera. Urghhh~~~~

To own a new DSLR needs a really firm and organized budget. And the most important thing is "kena pejam sebelah mata". Coz if you think about it, the money could buy lots more things rather than that one fat fancy thing that could take a nice picture. Huhuhuhu


Mohd Shahrul Hafizi said...

Your DSLR stolen? Bila? Waaa. Mesti menangis air mata darah kan.

Anonymous said...

seyyes aku tak tau DSLR tu apa bro...huhuhu

sbr2...khilngn sesuatu yg dsyngi n brhrga mmg perit;(

HEMY said...

shahrul hafizi : takde la sampai darah..huhu..tp sedey banget

jane : kamera yg gedabak org pakai tu..yg nampk cam pro tu